Tuesday, June 28, 2005

In the Beginning...

You know your in the DR when your skin is eternally sticky, you can't stop the sweat bullets from running down your face, and everyone around you is yelling in Spanish.

And don't forget all the guys who drive their motorcycles (or as we locals like to call em conchos) with one hand on the handle, and the other holding up their IV, which oh yes, is attached to their arm.

Welcome to the country that is to be our humble abode for the next two months. The country of sweltering heat, crazy drivers, and people who enjoy stuffing American interns with thousands of pounds of food.

We are here by Gods graces, and about to experience the crazy, the interesting, and the amazing love that has been bestowed on this place.

Aqui está nuestro BLOG. Check back for stories, pictures and random thoughts from your loving interns. Leave us messages! We love people.

Con Dios,

Tyler (aka- Numero Uno),
Gib (The true Dominican)
Laura (Dora, Dora don't sit on the flor-a)
Kelsey (la estrella de la clinica)
Carmen (ifthere'ss a hurricane, do we still go to the bateyes?)
Brittany (I think I look like superwoman)
Kirsten (Kira! me gusta bailar!)
Brent (sureI'lll play with the cat)
Carissa (guittaristaextraordinaree)
Emily P (lioness.)
Erika (wow. I think I need some more food.)
Michelle (what? She's not MY sister)
Emily F (are you Mexican?)