Saturday, July 09, 2005

Adventures in Hurricane Season.....

Hello again friends and family. This week has been the test of our true Dominican nature as we face the torment of the Caribbean: Hurricane Season!

With rain being poured like buckets and wind that knocked over a few of our precious palm trees, hurricane Dennis swept through Barahona Wednesday afternoon, and suspended our activities until Friday. But no fear mom, we are all safe, healthy and being well taken care of by our families.

Besides Mr. Dennis, who tired to get us down, things have been going well, as we have finally settled into our lives here as interns for Children of the Nations.

Tyler and Kelsey, our future medics of America have dedicated themselves to the COTN clinic and been given the opportunity to head up a nutrition study in the bateyes. Going house to house in each village has opened their eyes to the vast health problems faced by many families, yet they have also been overcome by the grace and hospitality shown by each family.

Work in the bateyes has also been going well, our schedule is busy, but we are loving it. Monday Wednesday, and Friday mornings are spent teaching English and tutoring kids in all 3 of the bateyes that COTN works with here, Don Bosco (Emily F & Erica), Los Robles (Laura, Emily P., Brent and Carrissa), Algadon (Brittany, Kristen, Carmen and Gib). The kids range in ages from 5-22 years old and we have found challenges and joys that range from difficulties explaining the concept of multiplication in Spanish to being able to have short exchanges in English with kids who are utilizing the skills we teach.

Everyday is a new horizon that we lift up to the Lord. Our afternoons are spent at specific bateyes, teaching art, music, drama & sports. Our days are long but very fulfilling.

Last Thursday evening was spent with worship on the beach & a time of quiet & prayer. It was a perfect evening in the Caribbean, meaning of course that the water begged for swimmers. A few of us got in and then out again after Kelsey was promptly stung by a jellyfish. Although no one was exactly sure what to do, Dana, with her fabulous life guarding skills yelled, "Quick! Someone pee on it!" We all looked around in astonishment. She was joking right? But jokes were not the order of the evening, and being the tight knit team that we are, a hero stepped up. "I'll do it." we all turned and Emily said "You'll do what?" "I have to pee." It was Kristen who responded to the call. Everything after that was nothing but chaos. Before we knew it, Kristen has relieved herself into the water bottle of yet another servant, Erica. The water bottle made its way to Kelsey who was ready, Kristen poured it on the sting, and as expected the pain lessoned.

We all stared, amazed and trying to hold back the tears that were streaming from laughter, yet another DR memory.

The moral of the story: If you get stung by a jellyfish. Find a noble friend with a full bladder.

We love you all, thanks for your prayers and support, lost of love, your interns!

Tyler (Numero Uno) aka Tylon)
Gib (the man with 3 lunches)
Brent (Captivated)
Erica (still lookn’ for the CHUBB)
Carissa (Does anyone have a safety pin?)
Kristen (Peed on Kelsey)
Brittany (Missionary Barbie)
Laura (A rats best friend)
Emily P. (DRs newest preacher)
Kelsey (I got peed on)
Michelle (lets run home)
Carmen (Squrits)
Emily F. (Concho Caboose)


Blogger TSM said...

Looks like the DR will be spared the big blow again!
It sounds like you all are making quite an impact on the community spirit there. What terrific life time memories you are creating for yourselves. Those experiences can only help you in your own futures.
Peace and love to all. Elizabeth

PS. Our house is too quiet!

7:50 AM  

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