Saturday, July 09, 2005

Concho Sightings

*Concho: a cross bread between a dirt bike, a moped and your friendly DR taxi driver. Also known as the favorite Dominican mode of transportation.

All of the following sightings include a driver and a concho plus the following sightings;

-man holding his own IV
-20ft PVC pipe/ rod iron poles dragging along the road behind the concho
-man carring his own concho...(yes, while riding on another concho plus the driver)
-Family of five (and were not talking all babies)
-roller skaters being PULLED by a choncho inthe rain
-propane tank (oh... yes, thats safe)
-whole animals: pigs, fish the size of a small child, several chickens tied by their feet hanging off the handle bars
-police men (as passengers)


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