Saturday, July 09, 2005

People updates

Carissa She is learning flexibility in ministry, switching every day and responding to the needs in each bateye. At the moment, she is teaching music and bible (with Brittany). Is going to start a bible study with Kristen in Algodon with the older girls on Thursday mornings. Her Dominican mom calls her "hija"(daughter) which makes her happy! Pray for willing and teachable hearts.

Gib He is still assimilating to the culture by eating like a true Dominican. His skin is getting dark so he actually is a Dominican now. He's missing family and friends but enjoying his Dominican family and friends. He's joining a volleyball team. Pray for energy and patience.

Brent Often watches TV with his Dominican son, Freddy, and arguing which is more "lindo" or "feo". He's feeling pretty healthy after being sick last week with an IV. He's enjoying the hurricane and wishing for a carmel apple cider.

Michelle She is teaching English in Los Robles and having a lot of fun because the students are very excited to learn. She got done helping with a short term team that put on Quinceneras. The puppy at her house is going crazy but its way fun. Pray for balance with being short term team coordiantor and intern at the same time.

Dora The Lord has been breaking her heart for the children. First it was anger, then compassion because their situations have been so desolate. She loves teaching in Los Robles and her passion for teaching is reaffirmed so she believes it is what God is calling her to do. She felt the little feet of a rat scamper across her back while laying in bed. She lives with Kristen in a small room with a small bed. Gib and Tyler are her nephews. Her predicted favorite day of the trip will be taking the students out to the beach at the end of the summer.

Tyler He started the nutrition project, interviewing all the families in the bateyes and started soccer teams in the afternoons. He pulled out the "sprinkler"dance move during a recent Christian festival/revival. He is sharing a very small bed with the best bedmate, Gib. He is looking forward to driving a concho.

Brittany She is living with the best family. She enjoys hanging out with the other interns. PJ jams are great. She enjoys going to the bateyes to teach English where she named some of her students: Randy, Goldberg, and Joe. She is glad she got sick because now she can't get sick again! Nothing she has experienced is what she had expected. She loves and misses everyone back home!

Kelsey She is bonding with her family over dancing to Britney Spears songs and visits to ALL the family's houses. Going house to house for the nutrition survey in the bateyes has opened her eyes to the health problems here. She has also been overcome with the grace and hospitality shown by the families. Soccer teams will be ready for the MLS soon. She recently got peed on to remedy her jellyfish sting. And she is getting good at taking bucket showers in the pitch black.

Erica She got bit by a kid. Work has been interesting in Don Bosco. Concho rides are another highlight- one of the drivers sat on her lap, one driver had a plumbers crack, and they have had to help push the concho up hills. Her family still gives her huge portions at mealtime. She ate a PB&J sandwich with pineapple jelly. She's really enjoying her time in Don Bosco. They gave the Spanish kids English names including: McGiver, Frank, and George. Pray for continued boldness and to know what it means to wait on the Lord.

Emily P She went to a campana (revival) and the beach is beautiful. Her family asked her to preach at church. She loves teaching English in Los Robles. They have 10 boys and 2 girls in class. Her familly loves playing spoons and Uno. She went to the market for the first time and it was cool but overwhelming. Pray for boldness and to hear the voice of the Lord.

Carmen She still hates lizzards, there was a very large one in the bathroom that tried to "fly" at her. She has had world record breaking diahreah... goin on a week and a half. She has surved the hurricane and has enjoyed the wind and rain. It has been challanging for her to have a roommate, the one small bed that she shares with Em seems to be shrinking each day. She is not a fan of the guard dogs at her house, since they have now bitten her 3 times. She loves to teach english in the Bateyes and is finding the food quite interesting, she ate a fish head for dinner the other night. She still is having a hard time getting used to the cold showers. The one thing that she has really been stugging with is the cultural diffrences between men and women here, she misses her independance. Pray for good rest, health, and endurance.

Emily F Things are going well for her, teaching has been challanging but affirms the fact that God wants her home. It has been great getting to know the other interns, riding in the Dihatsu and laughing my pants off.


Blogger CasuallyExplosive said...

Hey all (mainly Gib). Any other culture is a good culture to learn from, even if all you learn is to appreciate your's even more. I think I have had experiences similar to all of you, except for the jellyfish and dancing to Britney (I swear). Keep up the good work, and keep posting.

Gib's biggest bro.
P.S. The girls say "Hi Uncle Big!!!"

9:00 AM  
Blogger Becca said...

Hey all UMinners in the DR!

The INN is not the same without you guys, although we have had a great time "at the movies" relating our relationship to God to hit movies. The summer retreat is in two weeks in Whistler, should be a lot of fun...

Well, I hope you guys are having an amazing time. Kels, glad to hear you have been peed on... the whole time I was reading the story I was thinking of FRIENDS when Joey peed on Monica! Good times... Well I miss you like crazy and can't wait to hear about all your adventures.
Hope you guys are taking good care of Los Robles (esp delfina, reginaldo and the basketball boys!) and I look forward to hearing your numerous stories when you return. May God continue to work wonders in and through you and help you know that even though we miss you we know the DR is so blessed to have you all.

We will keep praying for you!

9:30 AM  

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