Saturday, July 09, 2005


BRITTANY sends her vibes to her brothers Graydon & Marshall "I am NOT bringing you machettes"

KELSEY beggs for Ana "send me your spanish vibes!"

ERICA wants mom & sisters to know "I haven't found anyone named Juan Miguel yet"

LAURA throws it back to Taylor "Em & I miss our 3rd counterpart" and also to Moto whom she wants to know "I've been reading about the Philistines"

GIB says "Mad love for family, friends & Ael"

EMILY P. has 1000 things to tell alicia, loves Justin & cant wait to see everyone!

TYLER give "Love to Sophia, I miss you & cant wait to see you"

MICHELLE says "I miss you all and I wish that you were here with me!"

CARMEN says "I miss everyone @ the BERGE CASA and I hope that Ray is taking good care of MR. TURTLE, Running hugs to the girls for me!!"


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